I am a designer resident in São Paulo, Brazil. I have worked on different fronts in the design area, passing through signage, visual identity, websites, furniture, urban equipment, 3D printing and exhibitions.

In the masters degree, I researched digital manufacturing, open design and design teaching for youth. Currently I work with service design consultancy, on which I have already assisted clients in areas such as education, health and finances.

I also have knowledge on Grounded Theory, Thinking Design, Human Centered DesignGamification and Design Sprint methodologies focused in the service area and user experience.

Research, strategy and focus on the human side are the points I like to work. Empathy with the user is a key factor in finding the solution for the problems.

If you would like more info and access to the academic curriculum (Currículo Lattes – in Portuguese), please press here.

Bellow you can see some of my skills and formations.